Answers of the Chatbot take very long


We’re using the Kai chatbot for an empirical study at our university. After approximately 10 chatbot interactions, each of them takining about 1 hour, the Chatbot’s answers get increasingly slower. The Chatbot needs to “think” for quite some time before replying to an input of the user. We’ve already changed our Computer once because of this, but now the same problem occurs with the new PC as well. Apart from the Chatbot’s responses, everything else is working quite fast on the Computer. Restarting the PC and deleting the browser history including the cache and cookies did not have any effect on the response time. Do you maybe have any idea why this problem occurs and how we might solve it?

Thanks already in advance.
Best regards,

Hello, Anna
Thanks for reporting the issue. Since we haven’t seen this before, we are investigating it.

thanks for your patience,