Capturing responses after updating a chat

I made an update to a chat and now the responses for my previous versions of the chat have disappeared. What happened here?

However, when I look at the overview of the chats (image below) it says that two people have started taking the survey.

How can I retrieve this data?

Hi Harry,
Is the previous version chat used as testing or it has other purposes?
Currently, the results page only show the results of the latest release.


The previous version two were production links. Is there a way to retrieve those results?

The results are all in the database. However, the software currently only shows the results of the latest results. We have a work ticket to merge the results of all releases of an engagement, and will get to it soon.

Ok thank you. Do you know when this update will be made?

New release of our software with this feature should be deployed at the end of the next week.

Just wanted to follow up and see if this new feature will be released today.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to incorporate and release this feature soon since our investigation found that it is much more complex than expected. Given our other priorities, we are afraid that we have to delay this feature. If you need specific information to be retrieved from the previous release. Please contact us and we will use other means to help you retrieve such information.

Hi Michelle,

Ok I understand. We will likely be updating a current release, and do not want to lose the information we have captured. Would you be able to send me all of the respondent data that has been captured as of today (3/11) from the chat below: