Connecting different bots to different FB pages

Is it possible to deploy different AI helpers to different Facebook pages? It didn’t work when I tried it.

You can deploy different chatbots to different FB pages. For example, I created two FB pages and deploy a different Juji chatbot on each page:

Recently, we simplified the FB page deployment routes, here is the process:
(1) Click on “Deploy” to go to the “Facebook Messenger” page, select the blue “Connect with Facebook” button
(2) You should see a screen that shows a list of your FB pages that you allow chatbots to be deployed.

(a) If you see the FB pages you want are listed, you can just select the page, and then click on the “Deploy” button. Below is my screenshot with several FB pages listed for selection:

(b) If you don’t see your FB pages listed (at beginning perhaps you have none listed because you haven’t given permissions to Juji to list these pages for chatbot deployment), you need to click on the “Connect More” button to allow your FB pages to be listed first.

Below is the screen after you click on “Connect More”

On this screen, select one or more FB pages that you want to deploy chatbots.

© Follow the instructions, you will return to the page where you should see the pages listed. You can then select a FB page to deploy your Juji chatbot.