Customize automatic Chatbot answers


Is there any possibility to customize automatic Chatbot answers? I’ve customized the chatbot questions and remarks which you can add, change and delete in the Preview page. But the Chatbot still gives automatic answers or short remarks as a feedback or reassurance, like “OK”, “Huh? too vague to know what u meant…” or “I envy you since you can do/have anything you want as a powerful human.” I was wondering if it is possible to change the words of this kind of feedback or maybe delete some of it?
Here’s another example of it:

Thanks for your help!

Hi Anna,

We do have work items on file to add this functionality. Ideally, a chat creator should be able to select a piece of bot utterance in the UI, and change the content there. The subsequent chats of the same engagement will be updated accordingly. Hopefully we will get around to implement this soon. Stay tuned.


Hi Anna,

Just adding on to Huahai’s response. Even though right now we don’t support editing the automatic answers, you can still use custom topic or the IDE to edit the chatbot’s response in certain situation. The custom-topic will overwrites the automatic answers if it matches to the user input.

To override the automatic/default system responses, here is what you can do now.
Consider the following example:

Juji: How are you doing today?
User: I am very busy.
Juji: thank you for sharing.

In this example, “thank you for sharing” is a default chatbot response. If you don’t like this response and want to change it, you can do the following:

  1. Click on the topic you just added. In this example “How are you doing today?”
  2. Click on the “…” menu item on the upper left corner, and select “Customize topic”
  3. A window will pop up, in this window, you can add the following rule(s) to override the default response

[(similarity-exceeds-threshold [“I am very busy”] 0.8)]
[“It’s great to be busy since you have things to do.”]

The rule above basically says if a user says something similar to the input indicated, the chatbot will respond “It’s great to be busy…”, which replaces the default/automatic response.

Alternatively, you could use the following rule, which means as long as the word “busy” appears in a user’s input, the rule will fire.
[“It’s great to be busy since you have things to do.”]

Check out the document on writing more rules:

  1. After you enter the rules you want, make sure you save it by clicking the “save” on the upper right corner of selected segment.

  2. You can now preview the modified chatbot.

Hope this helps!