Doesn't seem to like one word answers

I also had issues with answering “no” to the questions “do you have anything else to add”.


Are you talking about when the user response “None”, Ava responding with “Oh, continue…”? We will update our machine learning model to fix the issue here. It will be available with the next web update. Then, you will need to update your release to utilize our new machine learning model.

Fantastic thank you. When is the next web update scheduled? Will you let me/us know when we should update our release?

The update will be scheduled at the end of this week. I will notify you here when the update is in effect.

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Hi @roshelleweir

The website is updated. Please try update the release and check if the issue is resolved. The issue reported on Chat thought client was speaking another language should also be resolved now.

In addition, I would like to point out that a question can be required to not required. For the feedback type question (e.g., the question in this issue), if it is required it will ask again if the user respond with “None” or similar negative responses. If this is not desired, you can toggle the question to be not required in the Design page.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.