How can I clone a chatbot that I already created?

I want to reuse a chatbot I created already as a template so I can easily change part of it to create a new chatbot

Here is how you can reuse your existing chatbots as a template to create additional chatbots:

  1. Once you login to your own account, go to
  2. Find the chatbot you want to use as a template.
    For example, you want to reuse the chatbot you created and named “AI App 1” as a template.
  3. You’ll navigate the IDE directory to get to the “Config” file for this chatbot by clicking on
  • the small triangle on the left the sphere icon
  • the small triangle on the left of your account name
  • the small triangle on the left of AI App 1 – the chatbot you wish to reuse.
  • the “Config” to bring up the config file on the right panel
  • the “Download” button on the right panel to save the config file to your local disc
  1. To reuse this chatbot, you go back to your home page
  2. Create a brand new chatbot app called AI App 2
  3. Refresh the link and follow the same sequence above to find the “Config” file of AI App 2. This time click on the button “Upload” on the right panel to upload the config file you saved at Step (3). Make sure you click on the “Save” button after you upload the file
  4. You now can go back to the AI App 2 design page to edit the template.