How to interpret results

Hi, our results for the personality traits show for example 4,73243E+16 for Conscientiousness. How should we interpret them since this value is really big?


Thank you for reporting the issue. The personality score traits are percentiles. So they lay between 0 and 100 inclusive. 4,73243E+16 is definitely not expected. Can you be more specific where do you see such large personality traits number?

If it is on the downloaded personality trait csv file, try download the csv file again. Sometimes connectivity issue might corrupt the file.

Hi, thanks for the answer. Yes, we’re having the issue with these huge numbers on the csv files. We’ve tried downloading them multiple times already, but all the personality traits always have values like 4,73243E+16.

Hi Anna,

Thank you for the info. I will definitely look into the problem. What’s the name of the engagement/AI Helper you are using that you want to download the personality traits? It will help me pin down the problem.

If you don’t want to share private information on the post, feel free to send direct message to me. The forum also supports direct messaging.

Hi wchen,
Thanks for the answer. I found the problem which caused the huge values in the CSV file. It seems like this occured because Excel tries to derive the data type of these values out of the first 200 lines in the file. When changing that configuration so that the program doesn’t try to derive any data type, the values remain in its original and correct form.