Randomised remarks

Is it possible to create a pool of remarks that can be randomly selected by the bot to say. I’m thinking of including a “inspirational quote of the day” so would like it to be different for the user each time they complete a questionnaire. Is that possible?

Hi, Roshelle
It is really easy to create a pool of statements that your chatbot will randomly choose one to say.

Here is how:

  1. Under the “Design” page, use “+” to add a new remark
  2. In this new remark, type in “Here is my inspirational quote of the day.”
  3. Press the “Save” button on the upper right corner to save the remark (this step is critical)
  4. Click on this newly added remark to select it again. Find the “” on the top left corner of this highlighted remark, select “Customize topic”
  5. Now a window opens right below the menu and display something like the following:

(deftopic rep-tell-user-defined-remark-4 [?msg]
[?msg (agenda-topic-done)])

  1. Now you can edit the above to insert a group of quotes you want to use right after the symbol ?msg

(deftopic rep-tell-user-defined-remark-4 [?msg]
[?msg “\n”
[:1 “Have a great day!” “Sun will always come out everyday.”]

  1. In the above, basically anything you put in quotations in the bracket started with [:1 …] will be randomly selected by the chatbot to output. You can also remove “\n” to see how the daily quote is displayed differently.

  2. Make sure you click on the “Save” again to save your changes.

  3. Select “Preview” to see a chatbot behaves. If you refresh the “Preview” page again, you will see a chabot may choose a different quote to say.