Rebranding a thank you page at the end of the chat

How can I edit the page I am redirected to after completing a chat (in the image attached) to reflect my company’s brand and messaging instead of Juji?


Just following up to see if you have solution for this inquiry.

Allowing brands to customize the back-cover page is on our list of todos but we haven’t got a chance to support it yet.

One workaround you could do is to include your own link at the end of the conversation and ask them to click on it – so the conversation will be directed to your page.

Once we support the back-cover customization, we will let you know.

thanks, Michelle

OK Michelle that workaround may work. Do is there a way to rebrand the chat’s favicon?


Do you mean to rebrand your AI avatar? Check out this post:

No sorry, to clarify I mean the icon at the page’s tab. (see below)


No, we don’t support that icon customization since Juji is still hosting your AI chat.

As Michelle mentioned, we do not currently support the feature of changing favicon.

However, we may support it in the future if more customers request the feature. I have filed a ticket in our issue tracker. Thank you for the feature request.