Tracking respondents in an active survey


Hi Michelle,

Is there a way to know when someone has responded to an active survey? Is there some sort of notification sent to an admin via e mail or Do we have to check the system? Also, is there a way to see who has responded to a survey and who hasn’t? or how many respondents have not completed the survey? Generally it would be helpful if we could track all of this information.


Hi, Harry
We have a dashboard (see an example below) where you can monitor and track your participants’ activities. It shows how many users have responded, and how many have completed their chat on daily basis. Currently we don’t support auto-notification yet.

You can access your dashboard by click on the “Results” on the left menu pane. Below is an example dashboard:



Does this also allow us to see which individual respondents have responded? or where in the survey they have stopped?


Certainly. If you download the CSV file, you will see all the results from the respondents, no matter whether they have completed a chat or not.