About handling user questions in Q & A

Hi, we have integrated Juji into our products and now we have two questions,
Q1. In our Q & A, someone asked questions such as “Can I eat donuts today?”, “Can I eat chocolate donuts?” Can you give us some suggestions on how to answer such questions.
Q2. After providing an answer to the first question, if someone asks the chatbot “Can I eat apples today?” could the chatbot understand and answer with the same answer?

Thanks for submitting your question!

A Juji chatbot is always learning as more user question examples are submitted. As a chatbot designer, if you wish the examples mentioned in your question to get the same chatbot answer, you can use Q&A dashboard to select the same answer. If you don’t wish to do so, you can supply a different answer to each question (e.g., imagine that you are a donut seller and you might want to give different answers to different donut questions).

Currently Juji takes a conservative approach and always requires a human to verify the answer before submitting the Q&A pairs. This is to give you an option as mentioned above. Check out more in our documentation on this aspect as well: