Add same conditions to multiple questions?

How can I add same conditions to multiple questions? It is taking a lot of time to add same set of conditions to each and every question.


Can you give some examples what kind of conditions you are adding? Also, can those questions be put in a branch? If a flow shares the same condition, you can use followups, extended replies or jump-to-topic to create branches (see some examples here Chatbot Design - Juji Documentation). All the questions in the branch will only be asked if the condition satisfied when entering the branch.

I will share an example.
Q1: How was your today?
Answer: I was bad.
Follow up question: Why was it bad?

But if the user responds differently.
Q1: How was your day?
Answer: My day was bad. I did not sleep well yesterday so I just felt tired all day. Additionally, the weather was so hot as well.

Now the follow up question why was it bad does not make sense. My idea is that the bot asks the question
Q1: why was it bad?
Answer: I already told you.

Now the issue is that the user can say his day was good and the next question would be why was it good? So I have multiple follow up questions for the same answer depending on the answer so I was wondering if I could setup conditions for all of the follow up questions together.

I hope it makes sense.

If I understand correctly, you are looking for a place to setup conditions for all the followup questions (correctly if I’m wrong). Juji’s custom chatbot responses are for this purpose. Since all the followups are branched out from the question “How was your today?”, you can add multiple custom chatbot response in that question. Let’s say the question is topic T1. You can first add a custom response for user’s answer “I was bad” or similar ones.

Similarly, you can add another for user’s answer “I was bad” plus explanations. In your example, you might have 4 custom responses, and only two custom responses will have followup questions i.e., “why was it bad?” and “why was it good?”. The other two might just have a quick acknowledge. The followup questions will have it’s condition handled for you when adding from the custom response.

Inside the custom response, you can try different triggers - similarity, contains keywords, contains sentiments, or matches. They are suitable for different type of customer inputs.