Avatar Images & Multiple Bots

The same avatar appears to be on both agents when it chatbot settings for each has different avatars

We are aware of a couple of issues related to avatars when engagements are cloned, and we will get around to fix them soon.

It also happens with non-cloned chatbots

If you refresh the dashboard, would the avatars be corrected?

We do have a ticket on “dashboard auto refresh”, where “change persona of an engagement, the dashboard didn’t update automatically.”, but if you refresh the page, the avatars will be corrected.

I just changed the avatar for one bot and the avatar for all other bots changed.



Different engagement can have different avatars. But different releases of the same engagement currently do share the same avatar.

All the apps are separate.

I did not use the Clone function to create them.

However, I did export the bot settings file to create each new bot. Does that have any bearing on the issue?

Yes, it is related to the import/export.

This problem is now fixed.