Can a user delete their data?

User asked: “Can you delete my data please for privacy?” How should it respond?

This depends on how you configured your chatbot.

If your chatbot did not ask personal identifiable information such as Email, all Juji knows is a user first name, there will be difficult to identify which user should be deleted.

However, if your chatbot did ask information such as email, phone number and so on, we will comply when users email to delete their data.


Thank you, but can I clarify please, as we are using Facebook Messenger to facilitate the conversation we automatically collect their first and last name (as I can see from the CSV report) and each user is assigned a “juji user” email address which could be the identifier for a user’s data. Is that correct?

Thanks for the confirmation. If I receive a request to delete data I will let you know.

It is the same case with Facebook, a first name and last name is not enough to uniquely identify a user. Also, our app actually does not have access to user’s Facebook username, so by default, we really do not have personal identifiable information on the users. All we have from Facebook are Page Specific IDs (psid) that are changing from one page to another. So unless you collected user’s email, there’s no way for us to know whose data to delete.