Chat not ending has returned



The issue with the chat not redirecting us to the ending page has returned (see image) does this happen every time that we change a chat’s script?



Still experiencing this issue. Tried following the instructions from your documents but it does not appearing to be working.

Can you please assist?


As Wenxi mentioned in his reply, you want to keep the last message in the template - you can modify the text but do NOT delete the message. If you delete the message, you also delete the function (end-interview). And the interview will not end.


For the following chat:

I tried opening the topic editor of the last message (it was a remark) to insert the (end-interview) function but nothing appeared. I also tried inputting the (end-interview) function in the chat’s IDE configuration, this also did not work. It would be helpful if the documents had step-by-step instructions on how to input these functions.