Chat Results Through API or CLI

I know it’s possible to download an excel of the chat results in the browser interface. I also know it’s possible to have analysis performed and results returned on documents through the juji command line client (

Is it possible to get the chat results from past interactions through the command line client as well?

By chat results, you mean the transcripts of the chats? If you do not mind, could you share your use case so we can consider to add the feature? Thanks.

We have multiple types of chat results.

  • The cleaned Q&A types of results as you see in the CSV file.
  • Full transcripts
  • Answer analyses
    • For choice questions: simple stats
    • For open-ended questions: auto-extracted topics, topic coverage, representative input, etc.

Which ones are you referring to? The key difference between the cleaned Q&As vs. full transcript is that the chatbot auto-filters out the chats on user digressions. For example, if your chatbot asks a question “What’s your favorite book?” and a user may digress by replying
“I don’t really have a favorite because I love all books.”
“why did you ask this question?”
“What do you mean?”

The chatbot will handle such digressions and get an answer from the user eventually. The Q&A will filter out the chats on user digressions and record only the actual answer.

If you provide more info on the type of results you wish to access, we could provide more info.