Creating lists within a topic

One of the questions we ask a user is “list 3 things you are grateful for”. If a user enters them separately the bot can’t identify they haven’t finished and skips ahead causing frustration. How can I train it to know the user is listing them line by line and to wait before moving to the next topic? “1. blah blah” “2. blah blah” or “3. blah blah”. Alternatively can we create a blank form type topic option that has this kind of functionality? Screenshot 2020-02-12 07.17.18

Thank you for letting us know this issue. We will look into ways to better handle this.


For now, here is an alternative approach you can use. Now thinking of it, it might be easier for a user to answer the question step-by-step because it is a “big” question.

  1. Create a topic T1, asking "I’d love to learn the 3 things you are grateful. Let’s do this one by one. What are you most grateful?

  2. Under T1, add a trigger “is-answered” and create a follow-up T2 “What’s the second thing you are grateful?”

  3. Under T2, do the same as in Step 2 to create a follow-up topic T3 (“What’s the third thing you’re grateful?”) under trigger “is-answered” You can also add a trigger “is-similar-to” to catch user input like “I cannot think of third one” or “I have just two for now” “that’s it for now.” You can then let them skip.

This way you will make sure to get three items plus the flexibilities to let users skip the last item. Of course you can do the same in Step 2 to let users skip 2 items.