Debug according to error message

Dear Juji lovers,

I encounter this error when I preview my bot. Anyone can help with how to debug this issue? Specifically, how can I locate the bug in my code according to this error information?

ERROR MESSAGE: ({:message “Non-nullable field was null.”, :locations [{:line 1, :column 11}], :path [:generateScript], :extensions {:arguments {:input {:engagement-id “629675b9-56b7-4139-b2e9-f635fa9bd9b9”}}}} {:message “Unexpected server error.”, :locations [{:line 1, :column 11}], :path [:generateScript], :extensions {:category :unexpected, :kind :server-error, :data {:uuid “95c3d379-e898-4aef-830b-55478c422c90”}, :arguments {:input {:engagement-id “629675b9-56b7-4139-b2e9-f635fa9bd9b9”}}}})

Thank you!


Hi Cheng,

Do you still experience this issue? Usually you see preview issue, one thing to try is to revert your most recent changes. Let me know if that works.

Hi wchen,

Thank you for your advice. I did many edits to the bot and then it shows the error message. Therefore, I cannot locate the change I have made that caused this issue. I am re-working on this bot and will let you know when I locate this problem.


Thank you!

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