Delete Existing Answers

I understand that you are working to allow replacing existing answers from .cvs file. Meanwhile, anyway to allow the deletion of existing answers as a workaround. as we will be updating some of the answers on regular basis. See attachment.

We need to be able to delete outdated answers.

@Yunyao_Li Thanks very much for your suggestion!

For now, the easiest way is to use the search interface (now has been greatly improved) to find the question of which answer you wish to update, and directly update the answer (e.g., replacing it with a new one) on the GUI and then submit.

@wchen and I talked about this to allow you to upload a CSV where you use ID + new answer and upload to replace the existing answers for the questions matched with the ID.

@mzhou I am using this workaround but it is quite time consuming. The testing takes even more time since I need to make sure all answers show up correctly via the chat. I was only able to update a few answers within 30 minutes because I have to go back and forth for testing.