Desired Juji Features

I am listing the features that users (chatbot designers and developers) have asked about. You are most welcome to comment on the desired features, including their importance and urgency.

  1. Connections to external data sources including data queries to such data sources. For example, a chatbot for a car dealership should allow customers to access or search for cars.

  2. Support scheduled or event-driven messages. For example, a chatbot inside a wellness mobile application may notify each user of daily checkup.

  3. Easy machine-human handoff.

  4. Easy switch between sandbox vs. production release
    Juji already supports

  5. Multi-language support

I probably got more then 130 questions in last three weeks, I would like to know the types of the questions and a simple summary. If it’s possible, please help me prioritize them. Just like answers in REPORTS. Thank you!