How could I save my chat with an AI so I can return to it later?

My users may have to pause completing the conversation for any number of reasons. Some conversations may be longer than others and they may get interrupted and have to return to it later. Users may “save” the chat so they don’t have to start over again.

Each chat with an AI on Juji is automatically saved and you can always come back to it within the allotted time (currently 6 hours). You can try the following to check it out:

  1. Start your chat
  2. chat a bit (e.g., going thru 2-3 questions)
  3. Leave the chat but make sure not to close the chat window so you can return to it
  4. Return to the same window in about 30 mins and resume your chat

You should see everything is still in the chat window and you could just continue. Since it is computationally expensive to keep all incomplete conversations so a time limit is used. Currently an incomplete conversation is kept for 6 hours before it is gone.

In your invitation to your users, you may want to inform your participants about the time limit so they are aware.