How to compare the value of a "function" type attribute?

Hello! I recently received help from a technician regarding using the precondition to skip certain questions in a chatbot. However, I cannot repeat a similar function on my own.

Specifically, please see the screenshot below.

The upper pre-condition is developed by a Juji technician. He can compare whether the value of the variable “current-fav” is the same with certain text (e.g, science in this example). However, I found that the type of “current-fav” is function. I then created the pre-condition below. When I want to repeat the a pre-condition based on “current-fav”, the system only allow me to judge whether it is true, false, has value, or has no value.
Please kindly let me know how to make the first pre-condition. Thank you!

Hi @zealclassic,

Thanks for reporting. This is now resolved, you should now be able to add more operators to function attribute types.

Hi wchen,

This problem is resolved. Thank you!