How would I add a mathematical calculation to a Juji Bot?

I’m trying to assemble a figure from a series of answers which each carry a part of the calculation which continues in the background until later in the conversation when the final calculation is revealed. Here is a simple version of what i am trying to achieve. Choosing the option 1 to a given question sets up a number 1 that carries over to question two, where choosing option two adds 0.5 for a final total of 1.5.


You use a function to do the calculation.

  1. Click on the function icon
    Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 11.05.22 AM

  2. Search for the function, in your case, just type in +

  3. Select the calculation function you want, then define the arguments. You can insert an attribute as an argument. For example, a number captured from one of the questions.

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Thanks, Michelle! :ok_hand: