Introducing Juji's API

Juji was built with providing a nice public API in mind from the day one. Our own Web application is entirely powered with a GraphQL based API. Now we officially make this API publicly available for our users. Please give it a try, or read the documentation of the API at

I personally have spent some time this month to simplify the API so that it is more easily accessible for a wilder developer community. Originally, our API had some ClojureScript specific pieces that were not easy to replicate in other programming environment. Now we have simplified the API to the extent that it only took less than a hundred line of JavaScript code to build a client to chat with a Juji bot.

I have test driven the API by building a Node based command line application that you can install to play with (npm install juji-client), or read the dead simple source code at For the impatient, here’s a Webcast of me chatting with a Juji bot using the client:

You don’t need to use any Juji specific SDK or libraries to develop with Juji API, just use the plain standard GraphQL and WebSocket library of your favorite programming environment to have the full power of Juji platform. Enjoy.

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