Is there any available Web realease of a juji chatbot?


After installing juji client, I tried to start a chat session through by typing in the terminal:

juji chat -f John

But i get an error:
statusCode: 403,
error: ‘

Invalid anti-forgery token

options: {
method: ‘POST’,
url: ‘’,
formData: { firstName: ‘John’ },
callback: [Function: RP$callback],
transform: undefined,
simple: true,
resolveWithFullResponse: false,
transform2xxOnly: false

Please, should this error occurs? Is there anything I’m missing?
Do I need my own deploy to start a chat session via terminal, or is there any chat session available publicly throught terminal?

And finally, one more question… to make post/get requests using an external app, do I need a deploy? Because I would like to test my code using a preexistent chatbot, and later, do my own Juji chatbot and deploy it to use in this external app


Hi @DiP,

Yes, currently you will need to make a web deployment in order to use the API to chat. Once you made a web deployment, there will be a generated url. you can use that url to access from your app.

Please feel free to play around with this web deployment url

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