Issue with response logic for multiple checkbox questions


I’m having some issues when using the Multiple-Answer, Multiple-Choice Question type. Currently, I have the question structured so that each answer will trigger a follow-up question.

For example: if I asked, “What fruit do you like? Select all that apply.” and the choices were, “apples,” “oranges,” “bananas,” and “pears,” all of these options would be linked to a follow-up question.

So, what I was expecting was that if the user selected both apples and oranges, the follow-up question for apples would appear, and then after the user completed it, the follow-up question for oranges would appear. However, what I am finding is that only the follow-up question for apples will appear and the question for oranges is skipped leading you on to the next independent question.

Is there any way to restructure the logic so that it loops back to complete all necessary follow-up questions?

Thanks for any help at all!

Hi @mnguyen,

Thank you for reporting the issue. Unfortunately, triggering multiple followups from one multiple-choice question is not supported in the current version. Currently, each custom response is triggered mutually exclusively including the followups.

However, we have prioritized the development to support such use case. This feature is coming soon. We will keep you posted.

Thanks, Wenxi. Is there any workaround I could do for the time being within the IDE to solve this issue? Like edit the config file in some way?

I am glad to to let you know that we have just pushed an update to support triggering multiple followups from the same multiple-choice question. It’s now available on

In order to get the update into your existing chatbot, please make some minor changes in the design page (e.g., adding a word in the message etc.). Let us know if you have any questions.