Linking Accounts



Is there a way for my colleague and I to link our Juji account so we can both share/view survey templates asynchronously?


Currently, we don’t allow the link of account yet due to potential security and privacy issues. One thing you could try is the following:

(1) Click on the “Design” tab.
(2) On this page, click on the second red icon on the right side of the screen (the tooltip says “Advanced”). See below

(3) That will lead to a page where you can see what’s behind the scene.
(4) Click on each small triangle (or arrow) on the left panel to navigate to the engagement you are creating (the engagements are numbered or have taken a name you gave)
(5) Once you find the engagement you are working on, click on the triangle and you should be able to see some code show up on the right panel (sometimes you need to scroll to the top of the window to see). This is where you can also change the chat content. If you want to change just the questions, search for the keyword, question.
(6) On the right panel, you can then use the “Download” button to download the file and send this file to your colleague.

From your colleague’s side, s/he can sign up and create an AI.
(1) Go to “Preview” page
(2) Go back to the design page
(3) Click on the “Advance” icon and follow the above steps 3-5
(4) Once s/he sees the right code panel, use “Upload” button to upload the file you shared.
(5) Click on “Save”
(6) Click on “Compile”

S/he can edit the file, e.g., the questions. S/he can download the file and share it w/ you for you to edit.



As Michelle mentioned, we currently do not support linking accounts, but it is on our todo list.

Uploading/downloading script, as suggested by Michelle, is a quick way to share work, which we use at Juji internally as well.