My AI got stuck near the end of chat, what should I do?


I went through the conversational ai survey today – was an enjoyable experience.
I did a run through this AM and noticed the following:

At the end of the conversation (after the “Thank you for chatting with me and have a nice day”) the application seemed to be “thinking” showing this

What should I do so my actually finishes the chat?


The issue is due to (end-interview) function call is not in the topic.
What happened is that the last message in the template by default would end the interview and redirect the participant to our back-cover page. However, this behavior is not desired for some customers, so once the last message from the template gets deleted, this behavior is not automatically added to the new messages. The way to fix this is to add (end-interview) call ( in the script of the chat in the ide. Please refer to if you would like to know more about changing the scripts in general.

While we are designing a more intuitive way to handle this that satisfies all of our customers’ needs, one way to avoiding this issue is to not delete the last message from the template. Instead, you can change the wording to your desire.