Passing information to/from a Qualtrics survey


I’m working on a project that provides a chat link to Juji from Qualtrics and after chatting with the Juji chatbot, redirects them back to Qualtrics. In order to ensure that users are completing each step of this process, Qualtrics has a function to pass certain information from survey to survey or to third-party clients. Is there any similar functionality or piped text for URLs in Juji that I could use?

Hi @mnguyen,

Yes, we also support passing information through query string.

For example, if your juji chat URL is, you can append query strings to it e.g. You can name your query strings anything except “first-name” “start-chat” “email” “last-name” “mode” which are reserved for internal usage.

Then, in the wrap-up topic, you can choose redirect to a URL when your chat ends (like screenshot below). In this case, your query strings will be appended to that URL when redirect happens. As for the example in the screenshot, the redirected URL will be

We have customers using this method to identify participants from Qualtrics.

In addition, you can retrieve your passed query string info in chat by calling the function get-third-party-code

Simply enter the name of your query string, its value will be retrieved as a string for you to use in chat (e.g., make attribute, for precondition etc.)

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

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