Privacy concerns on chat history data

Are the chatting logs / transcripts kept permanently in Juji? If I delete the chatbot, will the chat history also get deleted on Juji’s side?

All the chatting logs/transcripts are kept in Juji for various purposes (e.g., auditing). As mentioned in our privacy policy, individual users who interacted with a Juji chatbot can request his/her data to be deleted upon proper verification. This is because two reasons:

  • Most users interact with a chatbot anonymously (e.g., a chatbot may chat with several Michelle), we don’t want to delete someone’s data accidentally (e.g., someone who is not Michelle requests that Juji deletes all Michelle’s data).
  • A user may interact with multiple chatbots on Juji made by different organizations (e.g., Michelle interacts with a chatbot made on Juji by a university as well as interacts with a chatbot made on Juji by an organization). When an organization requests that user data be deleted, we have to be careful not to delete the data the user does not want to be deleted. This is similar to the use of a platform like Facebook or Twitter, if a user uses his/her FB or Twitter account to interact with a brand, that brand cannot request FB or Twitter to delete all the user data because such a user also uses the account to interact with other brands.

In short, we accept individual users’ requests for their data to be deleted upon verification or an organization’s request to delete data, assuming that the organization receives such requests and properly verify the user ownership.

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