[Q&A Dashboard]How to define a Multi-step answer for questions with the same ID

Hi, in the Q&A Dashboard, we have too many questions to answer. We had to download CSV and classify the questions offline. We set the same ID for the similar questions and uploaded CSV back. We would like to know if it is possible to define a multi-step answer for questions with the same ID at once, instead of defining them one by one

Hi @Lint,

Yes, questions with the same ID only need one multi-step to be defined, it will work for all of them.

Currently multi-step can only be defined or changed on the Q&A Dashboard. You are able to change it anytime. Uploading a csv file will not affect your defined multi-step Q&As, unless you completely remove the question ID the multi-step is associated with from the csv file.

So here’s what you can do:

  1. set id for your questions, and add quick reply answers in your csv
  2. upload your csv file
  3. find the question group in the Q&A dashboard, and add the multi-step Q&A to it

After that, you can still edit the questions and quick reply answers by uploading new csv files or through the Q&A dashboard. And you can edit your defined multi-step Q&As in the Q&A dashboard as well.

Hi, @wchen I have tried, but there is a question. I had uploaded some questions with the same question ID(e.g. “Create Activity-AB”), but when I download the CSV again, there is only one question left with the question ID “Create Activity-AB”. After renewing and uploading CSV file for the second time, all the first uploaded questions with the question ID “Create Activity-AB” is missing, except that one.

Hi @Lint,
Did you get any warning when uploading the csv? Maybe they are duplicates?

It’s kind of hard for me to guess what’s the cause of the issue given the information you provided. It would be helpful for me to troubleshoot if you can email me your csv file and describes the steps to reproduce the issue.