Question about paraphrases


Is there a way on Juji where the other paraphrases only show up when the topic is triggered for the second or third time? I only want the main first message to show up the first time the topic is seen.

Hi @angelica_t,

You can achieve that by checking “Re-asking” for your second and third message. In that case, the first question (i.e., “What can I do for you?”) will show up the first time. When the question gets reasked, the other messages will appear.

Hi @wchen, thank you for your response. I just want to clarify, we want to ask the first message the first time we ask this question, but the next time we ask this question again anytime during the chat, we don’t want the first message to show up and sound repetitive. We would like the other messages to get asked. I tried and re-asking doesn’t do this.

Hi @angelica_t,

The solution I mentioned previously look like this:

Only the Re-asking questions are asked, when the chatbot repeating the question in the same topic. However, if the chatbot comes back to this question from other places (e.g., results of Jump to Topic from other topic’s custom action), “What can I do for you?” will get asked once again. Is this what you are asking? It would help if you can provide more detail on your scenario.

Hi @wchen, yes that’s what we want to do. When we come back to this question again through Jump to Topic, we want the other messages to get asked.

Hi @angelica_t, thanks for the clarification. Currently when the chatbot go to another topic using Jump to Topic, it will ask the question start anew. We will investigate more to see how to best support your use case.

Meanwhile, one work around to achieve what you want is to copy the topic with “What can I do for you?” question deleted. Then instead of using Jump to Topic from the other topic, you can set the copied topic as the other topic’s followup.

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