Random trailing characters in answer

For our Jennifer chatbot, somehow there are random characters appears in the answer “Did the US place the coronavirus in Wuhan?” (both shows up in the bot as well as the downloaded .csv file). Could you please take a look? Thanks.

I just checked the answer of the question “Did the US place the coronavirus in Wuhan?” in the current facebook messenger chat and the downloaded csv file from Jennifer Engagement, but I don’t see the weird character. Do you mean the characters in the question wording instead? Or is it already resolved?

Actually, the trailing characters are in the question. You can check the Jennifer bot’s .csv file.

Michelle Zhou has access to the Jennifer bot, BTW.

This seems to be an encoding issue. Most likely the original characters were not recognized by the Q&A system. It would be helpful if you can provide us with the original wording for that question. Meanwhile, we will look into improving our Q&A system so it support broader sets of encodings.

Currently, you can use our Q&A dashboard to delete the trailing characters in existing questions. See the screenshot below.

  1. search the existing question
  2. going to the variation

Seems like the trailing characters in Jennifer bot have already been removed by one of the maintainers.

Michelle was the one last updated the answer for that particular question. Maybe she can provide more input on how this has happened?

Thanks for the info, I will check with Michelle.