Refining Results of a Juji Chat


Hi Michelle,

Is there a way to customize a Juji chat so that we can refine the results of a chat to only show the response data of certain experts? For example, can we send the chat to a wide range of people and then send the chat to more subject matter experts…and then remove some of the individuals whose responses were not necessarily that relevant?




Hi, Harry
Yes, you can easily do what you described. All the interview results collected by the AI are stored in a CSV file - if you click on the Results tab (you see it in the tutorial video too), you see a dashboard. On the dashboard, you can download all your results into a CSV file. Then you can do whatever you want to do in the CSV file.


Hi Harry,

It sounds like to me that you would like to tag participations and then make the tags show up in the resulting CSV.

I believe we have partial support for this feature, which is what we use to tag a participation as test. Basically, users can add an extra parameter in the release URL, e.g., and the parameter mode will show up as a column in the resulting CSV file. The same mechanism should work for adding other parameters, such as role, its value could be “expert”, etc, e.g. Then the role column will allow you to refine the results.

Could you try this and let me know if it works? Because the engineer who implemented this feature may not have implemented it fully as I described, which we can fix relatively easily.