Search support for question/answers

It seems that there is no exact match support for questions/answers.

We discovered today that for whatever reason, bunch of urls contains wrong slash (e.g. “int”, instead of “int/”, and as a result, they show up incorrectly sometimes (as "int “, for example”.

Since there is no easy way to replace existing answers, I tried to search for such urls and then do individual replacement. However, it seems to quite challenging to find such urls using exact matches.

For example, when I shared for " ", it shows all matches for “who” as well.

Thank you for reporting the issue. It seems the quotation marks have trouble being matched. We will look into the issue.

Meanwhile, you can try search who. int in the search without the quotation mark. It may return more than you wanted, but it will help filter out most of the others.

Thanks. For now, I’m downloading the .csv file and use Excel to do search.

I again found the search support of the questions extremely confusing.

I would expect the following behavior: when searching with a question id (e.g. “Affected”) or the exact text of the question (e.g. “am I at risk”), the corresponding question would be ranked at the top or at least be returned. Currently, that’s not the case.

As a search expert myself, I find it surprising that I am confused at the behavior of the search capability. Could you please just use default behavior of Elastic search or something like that? I have no idea when when searching for “affected”, matches for “a” shows at the top. This needs to fixed in order for your search capability to be useful.

Another weird search behavior:

thank you for reporting the issue. We will look into the search functions. BTW, do you want a function to replace answers? If that’s what you want, we will discuss to give you that function first. Let us know.

Yes. That’s an important one as we are updating answers on regular basis.

The simplest way is to use the spreadsheet and add one more column with value to indicate whether to replace existing answer or not.

thanks for your input! I will talk to the team and support this first since it may alleviate many other issues.

You are now able to replace answers when adding to the exist Q&As. What you need to do is to mark the answer with the special code “******” in side the group. For example, upload the csv defined below in the screenshot with the “add to it” option, you will replace the answer of “help” question to “New answer”, while “Question add” will be add to as one variation of the existing question wordings.

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 12.52.18 AM

Similarly, you can use the csv below to remove an existing question group.

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 12.55.40 AM

This can be just part of your uploaded csv, other question/answers with other question ids will still be added.

Let us know if you have any questions, we will update our documentation soon with more details on this.

Thanks for coming up with an initial proposal. However, it would require one manually add a row for each question group to be replace. This is not ideal as we may need to replace large number of answers at once (e.g. update statistics). I guess that we can live with it for now, but just wanted to let you know that from usability point of view, this is not an ideal situation. I will try it out and give you more feedback as appropriate. Thanks again.

I tried the updates with a single replacement (see attachment), but it doesn’t seem to work.

Did I miss anything?

Jennifer-faqs - Updates - 04_24_2020-4.csv (836 Bytes)

Can you check if your downloaded csv will have the correct updated entry inside?

If this question was already on your Q&A dashboard before you upload the csv to update, the dashboard seems to have it already cached so the change does not get reflected. But the new download should get updated.

Regarding the design of adding “******” as a mark:
Another alternative we had was to upload a separate file in a different mode to only do update answers. Then if you want to update answers and add variation of answers in different question groups, you will need to organize them in different files. Is this an easier way? Please feel free to let us know if you have any suggestions.

The downloaded .csv file seems to be correct. So this is indeed a bug in the Q&A dashboard itself.

For the design. I can live with it for now, given that we have more important missing features to be implemented. Thanks again!