Select preferred answer for questions with the same id

Jennifer-faqs - Updates - 03_31_2020-3.csv (5.5 KB)

See the attachment, there are two questions with the same id “MortalityRate” (otherwise, I am getting an error message for duplication). I understand that in your current design, the questions and answers are grouped separately and thus there is no way to support preferred alternative answer for any question. But it would be nice to keep the association as we sometimes tailor the answer based on the question or minimally allow manual overriding of the error (after inspection).

Also, I cannot find a way to delete an answer and hence, we now have some duplicate answers for this question group

@wchen, as I discussed with you, imposing the constraint I mentioned will actually easily support this. For example, if we require that the first row that has both the question and answers to be the main q&a pair for the question id, therefore preferred, then Yunyao’s request is easily supported without doing anything. Alternatively, we will have to add an extra column to indicate which one is preferred, complicating things.

The two questions actually seems to be quite different. I would suggest putting them in different IDs. So you might want to remove one of them from the existing MortalityRate ID question variations, and add it using a different ID. Both question and answer variations can be add/edited/deleted using our Q&A interface on the website.

You might have observed that now choosing “add to it” option when uploading a csv only adds to instead of changing the existing ones. We realize the deletion and edition of the question and answer variations do not scale well in the Q&A interface. We are looking into solutions to improve such operations.