Stop asking the same question

I’m training a simple FAQ bot, so I just want it to ask, How can I help you today? then respond to their question and then go to the next question of “Is there anything else I can help with today?” but it keeps asking the first question. How do I stop that?

Hi @roshelleweir,

This can be achieved through selecting a suitable Juji built-in mini conversation. Below are the three mini conversations you can use for invite user questions. I think what you want is “Invite user to ask questions (one time only)”, in which the chatbot will automatically move forward after answering one question.

Alternatively, you can do “Invite user to ask questions until users give a done signal”. In this case, you probably need to adjust your initial question wording to something like “Let me know if you have any questions. Type “done” to move forward.” This mini conversation would allow user to ask multiple questions before they type “done” or similar signal to move forward.

Please refer to for examples on customizing topics using Juji’s built-in mini conversations.

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