The action was not correct

Hi, it may be an issue.
In a single choice request card, we set the action of trigger 2 to “follow-up Request” and associated it with T4.

However in the preview page, after trigger 2 was triggered, T4 was not run first. Instead, T27 was run. The order of T27 in the GUI is just above T4.

Attaching one topic (T4) to be another’s (T1) followup does not change the order of the questions being asked. What it does is to add a condition to T4 and only if that condition is satisfied T4 will be asked.

So T4 will be asked if the user selected “Create my own activities”. However, it will be asked after T27 is asked according the current arrangement of the topic cards.

There are two ways to achieve what you want:

  1. Move T4 above T27 if you want to run T4 before T27
  2. Use “Jump to topic” in Advanced actions to jump to T4 (see screenshot below). In this case, T27 will be skipped and the conversation continues at T4


This is not an issue and it is by design. When you add the follow-up T4, it has a precondition indicating whether it should be activated based on the parent topic. It does not mean it will be activated immediately.

Consider the chat flow below. You want T2 to be activated before branching out.

Chatbot: What subject do you teach (T1)
choice: a) Math (b) English © Social Studies

Chatbot: How long have you been teaching the subject? (T2)

If T1 (a)
Chatbot: What’s the most difficult thing your students found in math?

If T1(b)
Chatbot: What’s your favorite subject to teach in English?

You can always modify the flow. If you don’t wish T2 to be activated before each branch, you can always drag it AFTER the branched topics.

@wchen @mzhou
Thank you! Got your point.
In my case, I originally wanted a topic to be activated after T25, so I added T27 after T25, and it did work. But it seemed that T27 was activated before T4 too. Could I have a way to set a topic to be activated either after another topic or before another topic.

@Lint Do you mean you want to make T27 to be after T25 and before T4? I think it is already the case in your screenshot. Do you mean you want to make T27 depend on T1 as well?

Thank you. Ignore my question above please.
I want to make T27 be activated after T25 and be skipped before T4. It’s OK now by using “Jump to topic” in Advanced actions to jump to T4 and skip T27.
One more question:if I use “Jump to topic” in Advanced actions, will the branch’s “Extended Reply” be skipped?

@Lint So if your Extended Reply is placed behind the Jumping to topic, it will not be skipped. In your screenshot, you are jumping to T3. If your T3 is placed after T25, T25 will be skipped.

Got it. Thank you.