Translate to different languages?

Does Juji currently have translation ability, or is this planned for the future to convert the chat from English to different languages?

Juji currently does not have translation ability. It is on our mind though. It is not difficult to add a generic translation service that would provide similar quality to what one would get in an online translator. However, that level of quality may not be sufficient for driving a conversation. On the other hand, it is also possible to adapt a bot from one language to another with some customized efforts. It all depends on the use cases. It would be helpful if you give some more details on the use case.

First of all thanks for this fantastic work!
For me, this question would also be interesting. I intend to examine how interviews with chatbots can be conducted regarding UX and usability requirements. Since the survey is to be conducted in Germany, it would be unfortunate to carry out the surveys in English. Is it possible to change the language via the API? How extensive is the effort of adapting the language?
Currently it is possible to translate the questions in the chat flow. However, the bot can not handle the foreign language and cancels the conversation. First of all, it would be enough if the conversation does not stop and the bot just asks the following questions. Like a simulation of the conversation.

Sarah, Thank you.

Translation from English to other languages is definitely on our todo list. At this moment, we are focusing on getting our new UI out of the door. We will get back to this issue soon. We will consider you suggestions and try to get a short term solution quickly. Thanks again.