Unable to find ELSE in actions triggers

Hey there,

I started working on a Chatbot yesterday and I noticed something that seemed odd to me. So every bots have IF/THEN actions but there doesn’t seem to be any ELSE. Now I’m not sure if it’s intended or I just couldnt figure out where it was located but it is definitely an integral part of my typical workflow. Could you help me out with this?

Thank you for your post!

Great question! See my answer below. (Because others may have the same question, could you kindly copy & post your question on our forum: forum.juji.io so others can also see my answer too? )

The “else” condition is under the trigger called “default input” (our naming is from the Java switch statement: {switch case 1… case 2… default: }

see the screenshot below:
Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 10.55.07 AM

This is to allow a chatbot to give a default, catch-all response if it cannot anticipate every possible user response, such as in an open-ended conversation like below:

Chatbot: What’s the main issue you have with our service?

User: …

Chatbot: Thank you for your input. I will definitely ask my human teammates to look into it.