Updating a Chat

When I update a chat, do those changes affect chat that have already sent to respondents? Or do I have to send a new link to the chat? It would be ideal if we didn’t need to resend links ever time we made changes.

If you update a chat, the link will stay the same so you do not have to send a new link.

As Huahai mentioned, the link will always stay the same and you don’t need to resend the same link to your participants. However, you will need to explicitly update your deployed AI with your new chat content by following the steps below.

(1) Select the AI you want to update and select “Release” on the left menu pane to update its release
(2) Select the “Update” button to update your web release

(3) Select the green “Update” button to update the content of this web release

This is to prevent making inadvertent changes while your respondents are chatting with your AI. So we highly recommend that you push your changes to your AI during a time that few are chatting with your AI, e.g., late night or early morning.