User ends a chat mid flow

So is there a way for me to pick up when people want to end a chat mid flow? ie if they say “bye” at any time it skips to wrap up topic?

Yes, you can end a chat mid flow. You have several options.

  1. anytime during a chat, Juji auto detects user input such as “quit” or “end it”. Juji will then stop chatting. But it does hang around in case the user wants to continue again. See the screenshot below when user texts “end it”

  2. You could also control how to end a chat at a particular topic. You can use “+ Customization” to define the condition (trigger), and then under the “Action”, you can use the “Advanced” options to end a chat after this topic. See below

Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 10.36.44 PM

(a) End chat simply ends a chat
(b) Jump to topic ==> can jump to any topic, including the “Wrap-up” topic

Please add “good bye” “I need to go” “I can’t chat right now” “bye” and similar to be paraphrased options of “quit” or “end”. The flow needs to skip to wrap up if the user says at any time they want to end the conversation please not just at a specific topic.

Please add “I am finished now” as well.


All the phrases you mentioned above are already in our dialog library plus many more! :slight_smile:
See the screenshots below:

Screenshot 2020-02-14 06.46.18

The functionality isn’t working correctly. It doesn’t recognise “bye” in a sentence, and if it does recognise the instruction it asks the user if they want to proceed but doesn’t wait for the response, and skips to the standard next question anyway instead of the wrap up.

Let me check this and get back to you to see why it’s still continuing.

@roshelleweir We have identified the issue, a fixed will be included in the next update of the website, which is by the end of this week.