User types 'done' but chatbot doesn't understand

Hi, the auto response instructs user to enter ‘done’ to end the conversation. User types in ‘done’ but chatbot doesn’t understand the instruction.

Thanks for reporting it!

@wchen will look into this as he is also fixing the issues you mentioned yesterday. Will let you know ASAP the issues are resolved.

I have fixed the response to “Done” or similar expressions as described in this ticket.

I also fixed the issue @mzhou discussed with you yesterday. More specifically, if user responds with a short message that the chatbot does not understand when asking questions, the chatbot will provide default response and record such message to be displayed on the Q&A dashboard.

One thing to point out for this ticket is that we don’t support closing the chat window here since it is on your website. Would you mind changing the wording a little bit? Maybe something like "Feel free to ask me another question. If you don't have any more questions, you can leave any time you wish by closing the chat window."

Please feel free to let us know if you still have any questions.

OK great, thank you for both your responses. As suggested, I will change the wording.

@wchen Thank you very much for the quick help and response!