Very confused bot

Bot didn’t understand “yes” or “no idea” as valid responses.

We have just introduced yes/no request type. A yes or no question is recommended to use this type because it will automatically use our built-in yes-no handling and it also provide more intuitive customized actions.

Good to know thanks, but the “would you be open to finishing?” isn’t a topic I created so I wouldn’t be able to add this functionality.


Where is “would you be open to finishing?” coming from if it’s not a topic?

Anything you wish to gather user input, it must be a request, see this:

In your case, adding this request as a yes/no request as mentioned above by Wenxi will save you a lot of trouble! :slight_smile:

The yes/no request allows you to customize the follow-up actions or replies based on a user’s positive or negative input very easily.

Sorry for the confusion caused by the confused chatbot… We have identified the problem. And we have put in fixes, it will be available with our next website update.

It will also fixed the confusion over “no idea”. However, you can allow the chatbot to accept no knowledge as an answer by toggling inside the topic setting:

I don’t have a topic that says “would you be open to finishing” that came about because a user tried to end the chat mid flow.

I think this might be the same problem you mentioned in another thread. Let me check and get back to you.