Web plugin is now available

You can now embed a Web release of a Juji chabot as a floating icon at bottom right corner of any Web page. For example, a Juji tutorial bot is deployed on our documentation site at https://juji.io/docs

This HTML code of the Web plugin can simply be copied into your clipboard by clicking the “Copy Code” button on the Web release tab of the Deploy page in Juji Studio. See screenshot below.

Then you can paste the code into any Web page that you would like this Juji bot to appear on.

For example, you can paste into your theme template if you are using a CMS such as Wordpress, Drupal, etc.; or into the theme template of the static site generator if you are using one; or look up how to embed custom code if you are using a site builder such as Wix, Weebly, and so on.

Just paste the code right after the <body> opening tag, and you are set.

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If you do not have a Web site yet or you do not want to test our Web plugin on your live site, you can test it on https://jsfiddle.net/ or https://jsbin.com/

Both are free tools for testing HTML code.

For https://jsfiddle.net/, paste our code right after the “<body>” tag in the HTML pane, and our chat widget should show up at bottom right corner of the “output” pane

For https://jsbin.com/, paste our code in the HTML pane, and click the “Run” button on top left corner, and our chat widget will show up.

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