Why isn't age a built-in topic?

See title. I’d like age to be an open-ended question, yet there is no age option and there is no way to validate age… I think? It isn’t clear.


Hello, Scott
Do you wish to ask an open-ended question, like “What’s your age?” or “How old are you?”
If this is what you intended to do, you can use the built-in topic called “ask for a single number”.

Just use the “search” icon (magnifying glass) and then type in “single number”, this topic should show up. See below screenshot. Tonight we should have a new release that once you type “What’s your age” this built-in topic will be auto-retrieved and you don’t need to search for it.

This topic helps you validate that a user input must contain a number. For example, user input such as “I am 34 year old” or “I am now 35”. In addition, this number is auto-extracted and stored in an attribute, which you can access later for other use (e.g., qualifying a user or making a computation). See the screenshot below to access the attribute.


In our tonight’s new release, if you create a new topic (chatbot request for user input) and type in What’s your age, the “Ask for a single number” built-in topic will be retrieved to help gather age info.