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I updated Jennifer bot with the attached file with one single QA pair. However, the link included in the answers doesn’t show up correctly as shown in the screenshot. Instead of showing the link to the studies after “several”, nothing shows up at all. Did I miss anything? Thanks.


I just took a quick look at your attached file. There are a couple of weird characters inside your URL, in particular when defining target="_blank" see highlighted below. Could you remove the weird chars and try again to see if it works? What are you using to edit the CSV file? I am wondering how these chars got in there…

Smoking is a known risk factor for lung disease. According to several <a href=“http://www.tobaccoinduceddiseases.org/COVID-19-and-smoking-A-systematic-review-of-the-evidence,119324,0,2.html#cit0012” target="_blank”>studies on COVID-19 patients, former and current smokers were among the most severe cases (those needing mechanical ventilation and intensive care support, or who died).

For more information on who is at higher risk, please check </a href=“https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/specific-groups/high-risk-complications.html#who-is-higher-risk” target="_blank">CDC website.

Thanks for the prompt response, @mzhou! This fixed the issue. The answer was copied from the Google Spreadsheet. The end quote looks alright on the original sheet but then turns into this weird character here, maybe due to encoding issue (it was provided by someone writing Spanish a lot).

It would be good if such errors could be caught automatically as it is quite difficult to detect by human. Thanks!

@Yunyao_Li Thanks for your explanation! I agree you that it would be great for the machine to catch such errors (I also just realized the unmatched quotes too!). We will improve on this.

@wchen @hyang See above reported issue and see how we could improve.

When copying text around, be care with the quotation marks, different languages have very different quotation marks that look the same for human, but will trip computers up.