Skipping to the wrong topic

I’ve added a question at the beginning of the flow, where regardless of their response it should go to T3 (with customised acknowledgement for positive or negative sentiment). In preview, it is skipping to T14. I haven’t deployed it as yet as I don’t want to break the current version.


From your screen capture, T41 is connected to T3 (condition 1: if the user answer is negative) and T42 is also connected to T3 (condition 2: if this q is answered). Currently this means, if only if the condition 1 AND condition 2 are met, then it goes to T3. But this AND will never happen because if the condition 1 is true, T42 will never be answered; vice versa, if T42 is answered, condition 1 cannot be true. That’s why T3 got skipped.

I think what you really want is the condition 1 (if answer is negative) OR condition 2 (if T42 is answered) is met, then go to T3, is my understanding correct?

Since we don’t support OR in the GUI at this moment, you can fix this by simply disconnect T3 from both T41 and T42.

Basically you have T41 T42 (depends on T41) T3 (green)

In this case, T4: do you want a warm up question
If answer is no, it will skip T42, automatically move to T3;
if answer is yes, it will go to T42, and after T42, it will auto move to T3.